Research at the site III


The I.N.C. has carried out conservation on the murals and has also sealed some of the large looter's pits tunneled into the eastern facade of the Huaca del Sol and the western facade of the Huaca de la Luna.

RICARDO MORALES in 1980 studied the murals on Platform I discovered by Garrido and recorded by Mackey and Hastings. As a result of his work he reported fragments of multicolored reliefs. A decade later, in 1990, Morales found the first wall with multicolored friezes on platform I.

ALFREDO NARVAEZ in 1985, together with a group of archaeology students, recorded and documented hundreds of profiles of looters' pita before backfilling them and returning the plain between the two Huacas to its original appearance.

HUGO NAVARRO AND ISMAEL PEREZ between 1986 and 1987 sealed looters' pits on the facades of the Huacas and consolidated some column-like segments on the Huaca del Sol.

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